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ConviTec GmbH based in Offenbach will deliver an integrated solution for a foundry in the south of Europe. This foundry reaffirms its confidence in Convitec not least because the equipment previously delivered has been operated most reliably for many years. The really big challenge for this project is to insert the new plant components into the already existing plant. Modern tools such as a 3D scan were used there. The plant consists of three modules and ensures an automatic run-through of the casts from cooling to blasting. The first module is the separation of cast and sand, the second one the cast post-treatment and as third module a modern sand recycling system is installed. In the first plant section, the hot cast-sand mixture is fed by means of an ascending conveyor to a shake-out feeder after a rotary drum. Controlled cooling of the cast is reliably ensured by a casting cooler. After that, the cast and recycled material can be separated and sorted by hand.

The connection between sorting feeder and blast machine is provided by means of a belt conveyor and the altitude gain required for inflow into the blast machine is created.

The vibratory equipment of the blast machine consists of a loading conveyor, an unloading conveyor with steps and a return chute with screening of the blasting abrasive.

Here it was especially important to establish a constructive cooperation of the two project teams during project processing. The delivered feeders and conveyors were designed, made and installed exactly in accordance with the requirements of the blast machine. The onward transport of the blasted casts is enabled by an eccentric conveyor, which is specifically designed as required for sorting the cast.

The new sand conditioning system is integrated and technically incorporated in the already existing plant. In addition to a polygonal screen and flow-bed sand cooler, some other conveyor components will be delivered here. They include conveyor belts and belt-and-bucket elevators. Using the flow-bed sand cooler, the operator obtains a reliably high sand quality in terms of temperature and moisture so that the cast quality and efficiency of the foundry is sustainably ensured. The mixing times are shorter due to the very good homogenization of the sand through the vibrating fluid bed. Furthermore, the sand is not subject to mechanical stress, which results in high efficiency and low operation costs with high availability and a long service life. Compared to a mixer cooler a ConviTec sand cooler only needs one third of the electric connected load, and mixers do not only show higher ventilator power but also a considerably higher power for the drive.

ConviTec’s scope of delivery also includes the new electrical switch and control system which meets the modern requirements of future-proof equipment such as e.g. a ProfiNet connection to other plant components.

This project represents an outstanding example for a complete solution covering everything from planning to manufacture, assembly and commissioning and clearly shows ConviTec’s competence in the foundry industry.