ConviTec polygonal screens CPS are used to recycle used sand and are part of a sand recycling plant. Polygonal screens are equipped with screening fields according to your requirements which form a drum-shaped body and are built with different diameters. The drum body is arranged in a housing protected against dust. The shaft of the drum is manufactured in one piece according to the drum length. A gear motor is used as drive of the polygonal screen. The support bearings are located outside the housing and well accessible.

The inclined drum creates the material transport through the screen. Fine and rough goods are discharged downwards. On the housing appropriate openings have been planned for the connection of a dedusting unit. Revision flaps on the housing coat facilitate maintenance and repair.

  • Screening machine
  • Drum
  • Screen inserts
  • Drive motor
  • Dust-tight
  • Revision flaps

Recycling of used sand


Cleaned used sand
Homogenized used sand

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Polygonal screen