ConviTec slider-crank mechanisms CSA are used to generate vibrations with vibrating conveyors in different industries. Vibrating conveyor systems as two-mass systems in foundry are important applications in this respect. The slider-crank mechanism consists of a push bar which is located on an eccentric shaft. The push bar head is elastically connected to the effective load, the conveyor trough, by spring couplings. The eccentric shaft is located on the ground mass or on the foundation. A drive motor with V-belt transmission is used to generate the rotational movement. The slider-crank mechanisms can also be used as double system. Vibrating machines with slider-crank mechanism are designed as forced single mass systems or as two-mass systems, mostly as resonance systems.

  • Eccentric shaft
  • Housing with rolling bearing
  • Push bar
  • Spring coupling
  • Drive motor
  • V-belt transmission
  • Drive shaft
  • Create linear vibration/li>
  • Economic vibration drive
  • More economic
  • Long service life
  • High smooth running
  • Application oriented graduation of the model range
  • Vibration drive for a wide range of applications

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Slider-crank mechanisms