ConviTec shake-out tables CRT are used for shaking out molding boxes or for cast/sand separation on heavy casts. Depending on the casting program the tables are equipped with perforated metal sheets and impact bars which also provide intensive crushing of sand lumps.

The shake-out tables make a circular or linear vibrating movement. The drive is provided by directed exciters or exciter cells which are connected to the drive motor by means of standard drive shafts or by means of unbalance motors as well. The tables are designed according to the mold body dimensions or mold faces. The load can be up to 60 tons and the table surface can be up to 40 square meters. Compression springs are used to support the tables isolated from vibration.

So-called vibrating tables are used to pre-compact or drive in bulk materials. Their basic design is inspired by the shake-out tables.


  • Robustness, high availability and reliability due to sophisticated design and high quality standard
  • Time saving due to efficient shake-out of the molding boxes and mold faces
  • High efficiency due to optimal adaptation to the casting program
  • Minimum maintenance required due to the use of ConviTec vibrating exciters
  • Quality assurance due to test run and natural frequency measurement
  • Circular and linear vibrating movement possible
  • Single or multiple units available
  • Vibrating machine
  • Circular vibrating movement
  • Linear vibrating movement
  • Unbalance motors
  • Directed exciter
  • Exciter cell
  • Drive shaft
  • Drive motor
  • Grid
  • Impact bars
  • Crushing of sand lumps
  • Compression springs
  • Cast / sand separation
  • Suitable for big casts and molding boxes
  • Machinery works
  • Good crushing of lumps

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Shake-out tables