Die Magnetantriebe von ConviTec werden zur Erzeugung von Schwingungen bei Schwingrinnen und Schwingförderern in verschiedenen Industrien eingesetzt. Fördersysteme oder als Austragshilfe bei Bunkern sind wichtige Anwendungen. Das ConviTec magnetic drives are used to create vibrations with vibrating feeders and Vibrating conveyors in different industries. Important applications are conveyor systems or as hopper discharge aid.
The electromagnetic system in the magnetic drive creates a targeted force.
A linear movement is created. The magnetic drive is continuously adjustable by a control device during operation where dosage tasks are solved most reliably. Control of the flowrates is another important task.


  • Economic vibration drive for a wide range of applications
  • Nearly maintenance-free and wear-free operation
  • Application oriented graduation of the model range
  • High flexibility due to infinitely variable control
  • Ideal solutions for dosage tasks and weighing solutions
  • Housing
  • Electric magnet
  • Spring package
  • Terminal box
  • Thyristor control device
  • Create linear vibration
  • Resonance vibrating system
  • Precise dosage
  • Economic vibration drive
  • Nearly maintenance-free and wear-free operation

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