ConviTec steel plate conveyors CPB are used to transport bulk materials and unit loads over medium to long distances. Various unit loads and bulk materials such as mineral raw materials, slags, briquettes, casts, foundry sand or recycling material are transported reliably and with high availability. Steel plate conveyors are especially appropriate for hot feed materials and are used as cooling systems. Support frames, encapsulations and feed hoppers as well as transfer hoods complete our program for your needs.

  • Frame
  • Pulley
  • Tensioning station
  • Drive station
  • Plates
  • Gear motor
  • Feed hopper
  • Outlet hopper
  • Safety device
  • Sensor system
  • Transport bulk materials and unit loads
  • Transport hot and cold casts
  • Temperature insensitive
  • Transport over medium and long distances
  • Robust means of transport

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Steel plate conveyors