ConviTec directed exciters CRE are used as vibration drive for shake-out systems in foundries and for linear vibrating screens and vibrating conveyor systems in different industries. Directed exciters are designed for three-shift operation and ensure high availability requiring minimum maintenance and repair.

Due to their oil-lubricated compact structure the exciters can be replaced as a whole. As a result, the standstill periods are reduced. The directed exciters are screwed to an exciter bracket of the vibrating machine. In the housing of the exciter there are two shafts that are synchronized compulsorily by gear pairing. A shaft with the unbalanced segments creates a centrifugal force the vector of which rotates at the speed of the drive motor shaft. Two shafts create a directed force. A linear movement is initiated. This centrifugal force can be changed during standstill by the installation of additional masses. A standard drive shaft is used as connection between the stationary drive motor and the directed exciter. An intermediate drive shaft is used to connect two exciters with each other. With VARIO shake-out feeders a drive shaft each is used per directed exciter shaft each. Depending on the conditions of use different oil types can be filled in. For especially demanding conditions of use a circulating oil lubrication with oil cooling is used to cool the lubrication oil.

  • Cast metal housing
  • Two shafts
  • Two toothed wheels
  • Segments as unbalanced masses
  • Unbalances
  • Drive shaft
  • Drive motor
  • Oil types
  • Circulating oil lubrication
  • Create linear vibration
  • application oriented graduation of the model range
  • Temperature insensitive due to circulating oil lubrication
  • Force-synchronized generation of vibration
  • Variable generation of vibration
  • High availability
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy repair
  • Low maintenance

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Directed exciters