The ConviTec alloying system consists of one or more bunker groups. The bunkers are used to store different additives. Each bunker is equipped with filling level control, adjustable magnetic feeder with hopper valve shoe and electrically controlled flap valve. The bunker group will be arranged in a technologically reasonable way and can be equipped with a surrounding platform including access stairs for maintenance purposes.

An integrable crane unit automatically moves to the necessary positions of the bunker group and of the furnace loader. Operation can be fully automatic or manual via control panel on the furnace platform, where the different recipes are taken over, managed and secured. Your recipes can then be preselected by the user in accordance with the process requirements. Furthermore, the recipe can be corrected when communicating with the downstream analysis system in order to achieve an optimal chemical composition and thus optimal properties of the later cast.

Magnetic feeders carry out dosage into a weighed transport container or on another means of transport as controlled according to recipe. A modern control system that is included in the control cabinet takes over the functions of monitoring, recipe management, visualization and data exchange for the charging system and charging conveyors with your superior control and your operating data acquisition.

  • Bunker
  • Vibrating feeder
  • Hopper valve shoe
  • Electric/pneumatic flap
  • Charging vessel
  • Drive frame
  • Movable (lengthwise – transversal)
  • Cable routing
  • Control cabinet
  • PLC control
  • Safety devices
  • Sensor system (filling level, position)
  • Weighing technology
  • Crane control with distance measurement
  • Materials management
  • Automatic recipe processing
  • Automatic charging of the furnace loaders
  • Controls charging crane
  • Recipe optimization due to communication with analysis system
  • Continuous materials management
  • Cost-effective material input for certain charges
  • Shortening of melting times due to targeted charging
  • Increase of melting capacity due to targeted charging
  • Mechanical charge
  • Precise charge
  • Efficient process flow
  • Automatic operation
  • Work facilitation
  • Occupational safety
  • Automatic operating data acquisition

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