ConviTec unbalance motors are used to create vibrations with vibrating feeders and vibrating screens in different industries. Shake-out systems in foundry or hopper discharge feeders are also important applications. The unbalance motor creates a centrifugal force the vector of which rotates at the speed of the motor round the shaft of the drive motors. A circular movement is created. Two unbalance motors driven contrarily are synchronized and create a targeted force. A linear movement is created. This centrifugal force is infinitely variable during standstill.

  • Cast metal housing
  • Electric motor
  • Two shaft ends
  • Adjustable unbalanced masses
  • Greasing
  • Terminal box
  • Create circular or linear vibration
  • Economic vibration drive for a wide range of applications
  • Long service life
  • Smooth running
  • Application oriented graduation of the model range
  • High flexibility due to continuously adjustable centrifugal force

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Unbalance motors