ConviTec casting coolers CGK are used for continuous and precise cooling of your casts which can then be supplied to manual or mechanic handling. Gentle cooling avoids casting faults and ensures a constantly high quality of the casts at optimum flow-through times. The casting coolers are designed for three-shift operation. ConviTec casting coolers consist of vibrating conveyors with slider-crank mechanism and are designed with a vibrating or stationary hood.

The conveyor trough is wear-resistant and replaceable. Vibrating conveyor trough and hood form the cooling tunnel which can be variably arranged in a linear way or combined with curves. As two-mass system the vibrating conveyor secures the transport of the casts through the cooling tunnel regardless of their load. A frame supported by compression springs reducing the dynamic foundation loads complete the system. Frequency converters control the drive motors. The cooling tunnel is supplied with cooling air by ventilators. For effective cooling a computer-controlled nozzle system sprays water into the cooling airflow systematically. The user is supported by plant visualization of the fully automatic control incl. status display, error messages and maintenance instructions.

Optimal supply of the casting cooler is an essential condition for precise cooling. The cooling airflow is led over the hot casts in counterflow. In the further cooling process, the casts are cooled down to the requested final temperature by evaporative cooling. If you want to determine the cooling behavior of your reference casts, we will offer you the possibility of a test setup with cooling tunnel.


  • Robustness, high availability and reliability due to sophisticated design and high quality standard
  • Minimum maintenance required due to the use of ConviTec vibrating exciter
  • Quality assurance due to test run and natural frequency measurement
  • Casts cooled precisely due to optimum cooling times
  • Effective cooling procedure
  • Assurance of casting quality, reduction of casting faults
  • Continuous and compact system planning due to automatic transport of the casts between shake-out and cleaning
  • Screening fields and sand recycling for free-flowing sand can be integrated
  • Vibrating conveyor
  • Slider-crank mechanism
  • Two-mass system
  • Drive shaft
  • V-belt drive
  • Drive motor
  • Frequency converter
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Trough
  • Trailing arms
  • Working springs
  • Insulating frame
  • Compression springs
  • Vibrating hood
  • Screen section
  • Inflow air and outflow air nozzle
  • Fresh air ventilator
  • Water spraying
  • Control cabinet
  • PLC control
  • Sensor system (vibration monitoring)
  • Cast cooling in counterflow
  • Cast transport regardless of load
  • Isolated from vibration
  • Casting temperature after the cooler suitable for further technological steps
  • Occupational safety
  • Gentle cooling process
  • Fully automatically working link between shake-out and blasting
  • Increase in production
  • Automatic operating data acquisition

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