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“Vario” shake-out feeder – really successful

“Vario” type shake-out feeders are especially appropriate for shaking out sensitive casts and for different casting programs with small and big casts per foundry order. These shake-out feeders work in a speed range of 1000 to 1500 1/min and/or at a frequency of 16 to 25Hz, at an acceleration of 4.0 to 5.0 g. Depending on the casting program the feeders are equipped with longitudinal or transversal slot grids and/or perforated metal sheets. A typical application is given if the cast molds require different shake-out behavior and adjustment while the production is running. The shake-out behavior can be preselected individually and/or model-specific by the molding unit via contacts and/or via Ethernet / ProfiNet interface or by the IPC of the VARIO shake-out feeder. The drives (directed exciter or exciter cells) of the VARIO shake-out feeders are continuously electrically synchronized. If the phase position is changed, it is possible to adjust the requested impact angle and thus the conveyor speed and if the speed is changed, the intensity of the swing can be adjusted to the requirements of your casts. This completely minimizes cast damages at high cast purity.

The control also allows different settings of the shake-out feeder during a molding system cycle. Therefore, it is possible to allocate different vibration parameters to the respective cast.